Unite the union will campaign for the UK to stay in the EU as the best hope for workers. The union’s 63‐strong executive council, drawn from workplaces across the UK, agreed that while the EU needs urgent reform to restore the project to its original mission of solidarity between nations, continuing membership is still the best hope for the jobs and rights of Britain’s workers.


Freedom of movement changed my life

22 June 2016

Unite's Myles Derbyshire explains why he's voting to Remain In UNITElive’s third and final instalment of our series talking to members about what the EU has...


Diseases don’t respect borders

22 June 2016

Unite's Beverely Wallace explains how the EU helps fight disease. In UNITElive’s second instalment of our series in which we ask members what being in the...


Being in the EU saved my job

21 June 2016

Bentley car technician Stuart explains why he's voting to Remain With just days left before the UK makes a historic decision on June 23 – whether...

What has Europe ever done for women? Well, quite a lot as it happen! Unite has spoken to women members who share why they’ll be voting to Remain. "Being in Europe means that the UK is bound by common rules... Read More

Why are women voting to stay in the EU?

In the run up to the 23 June EU referendum, there are currently seven EU referendum debate programmes scheduled by the BBC, ITV and Sky. These will feature key campaigners and live auidences from a cross-section of the electorate. A... Read More

Watch the debate

Permanent low-pay economy looms under Brexit. Economics professor Patrick Minford came out in April to say that “if we left the EU, it seems that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing.” But, Minford – who was a major proponent of Margaret... Read More

A UK without manufacturing